How We Do Things

As a team we believe in keeping a high standard of service in all aspects of what we do!


  • Wednesday practices start at 7.00PM and finish at roughly 9.30PM. We meet every week with occasional weeks off.

  • Worship Leaders are to provide set list 2 weeks prior to the Sunday you are on. Band members are expected to have familiarised themselves with their parts prior to meeting. 

  • We encourage creativity, community and commitment in all areas of service.

  • If a Wednesday is not full team, you MUST still attend if you are playing on Sunday unless advised otherwise.

  • If you are unable to attend please let Rhea know in advance.

  • The last Thursday of every month is Powerhouse (Prayer & Intercession). Team members are expected to attend Powerhouse regularly.



  • Sunday morning practices start at 7:45AM, all musicians & singers need to arrive at 7.45AM to allow time for set up/tune up and warm ups.

  • We aim to pray in the Creche room at 8.45AM before being on stage at 9.00AM.

  • All team members should bring their own pair of earphones for use with PA equipment.

  • If for reasons out of your control you are running late or are unable to make it to practice (hence play that morning), Please let whoever is leading the band know.

  • Always be open to new ideas, always expect great things from God!

  • LEADERS: When making set lists please think and include song keys for website.



  • Dress appropriately. 

  • Encourage your church to worship whether you are on or off stage - you don't need a mic to lead!

  • Spend time in the Word and in the secret place with God, pray for the team and His will.

  • Be the same as you are on stage when you are off stage.

  • Love people, Be encouraged, Show passion, Enjoy yourself!