Building Rhythmic Dynamics

Workshop 3rd May 2017

Listen to these tracks and analyse what the drums, bass and guitars do to change and build the dynamics in different sections:


1. In Your Freedom

2. Saviour King

3. Come to the Altar

4. Cornerstone

5. The Lord Our God

Below are some ideas for different rhythmic dynamic levels in each department:


1. Kick only (on beats 1 & 3, 2 & 4 or 1/4 note)

2. Kick and toms (Cornerstone example)   OR   Snare rolls (Saviour King example)

3. Kick and toms with snare added on beat 4  OR  Snare rolls with kick added

4. Kick and snare groove without hats/ride

5. Full groove with hats/ride


1. Single notes (beat 1)

2. Double notes (beats 1+ and 1, 2)

3. Every 1/4 note

4. Every 1/8th note

5. Groove locking with drummer's kick drum


1. Single strums (beat 1) or picking

2. Spacious dotted 1/8ths

3. Busy dotted 1/8ths

4. Constants 1/8ths or 1/16ths (down and upstrokes)

5. Constants 1/8ths or 1/16ths (just downstrokes)