2017 Vision: Forerunner in Servanthood

Joshua 3

  1. Preparation of Provisions

a) Next level.

  • Year of song writing.

  • Lighthouse Live worship album.

  • Formation of Lighthouse Orchestra.

  • Praying in the resources needed for the next level.

    • Sound/it/stage equipment upgrade.

    • Worship and music room/facility/recording studio.

    • More skilled musicians and vocalists who are worshippers.

  • Next level commitment – ministry outside of the four walls of the church.

b) Invest in your instrument and/or skill.

  • If you need to upgrade or enhance your instrument, commit to do it. Invest.

  • If you need voice lessons or instrumental tutoring, go for it! 

  • If you need to be part of a choir to improve, join one.

  • If you need to learn how to “jam” with the musicians, show up to practices or arrange times outside of the official practice nights.

c) Improve your leading styles, skills.

  • Leading worship comes with many responsibilities that need leaders who are flexible. 

  • Explore new styles and/or expressions of worship.

  • Reliance on the Holy Spirit and not on preference.

  • Bring out the best in people by identifying the best.

2. Preparation of Hearts.

a) Consecration is more than a prayer it is an action of character and will.

b) No job beneath us.

c) Worship Team Retreat. In the Spring, we will be taking a weekend away to spend time building the team, spending time with the Lord in worship and devotion – and having FUN!


3. Preparation to Serve.

  a) Honour Code. Honour God by honouring one another.

  • being early is better than being on time.

  • Speak kindly to each other.

  • Make serving a joy!


  b) House Group.

  • Once a month.

  • Find the importance of time spent with each other.  Practice is important! Yet, spiritual growth as a team is a priority.

  • Pray for one another.


 c) Serve the House.

  • We are called to serve the House, not have the House serve us.

  • We may not like a song, but if it serves the house, worship with it.

  • We must recognise the need to realise we serve as a team – leaders, musicians, singers and tech. Taking on the nature of a Servant, we must learn to follow Jesus’ example.