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Sunday Morning Service

26th May 2019 -9 & 11am Service

Lead: Olu, Naomi, Rhea

BVS: Lucy, Ruva

AC Guitar: Olu

ET Guitar: n/a

Keys: Glen


Drums: Ben O

Lead: Ps Alex & Rachel

BVs: Stacey, Tashaa

Keys: Ps Alex
Acoustic Guitar: Sherline
Drums: Ben O

Set List:

- Do What You Want To - Rhea - D - 144
- Raise A Hallelujah - Olu/Rhea - B - 82
- God I Look To You(from Hallelujah) - Naomi 

- Resurrecting - Olu/Naomi Bb - 74
- Worthy Of It All - Olu - 137 *NEW SONG*

Sunday Morning Service

29th March 2020 - 9am & 11am Service 

Lead: Ps Alex, Amandah, Faith

Keys: Ps Alex
Acoustic Guitar: Sherline

Bass: John

Drums: Prem
Trumpet: Camilo


Set List


- Raise a Hallelujah - Idah
- This Is A Move - Ps Alex
- Fill Me Up - Caroline

- Victors Crown - Idah
- My Worship - Maybin

Sunday Morning Service

5th April 2020 - 9am & 11am Service 

Lead: Rhea, Faith - First Fruits
BVS: Tash

Keys: Glen
Acoustic Guitar: TBC

Bass: John

Drums: Tinashe
Elec G: Liseli


Set List


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