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This Wednesday 25th March 2020 at 7:30pm. We will be looking at the Song 'Hallelujah Here Below' for the Good Friday Service.

All Singers will be required as we will form a small choir. 

Singers will be in the Centenary. Musicians will practice in the Cardo. Please take time to learn your parts.

If the Good Friday Team can leave as soon as we're finished to avoid large groups of people at the same time. 

There will be a Sunday Band Practice from 8:30pm. 

See you then!


Sunday Morning Service

26th May 2019 -9 & 11am Service

Lead: Olu, Naomi, Rhea

BVS: Lucy, Ruva

AC Guitar: Olu

ET Guitar: n/a

Keys: Glen


Drums: Ben O

Lead: Ps Alex & Rachel

BVs: Stacey, Tashaa

Keys: Ps Alex
Acoustic Guitar: Sherline
Drums: Ben O

Set List:

- Do What You Want To - Rhea - D - 144
- Raise A Hallelujah - Olu/Rhea - B - 82
- God I Look To You(from Hallelujah) - Naomi 

- Resurrecting - Olu/Naomi Bb - 74
- Worthy Of It All - Olu - 137 *NEW SONG*

Sunday Morning Service

29th March 2020 - 9am & 11am Service 

Lead: Ps Alex, Amandah, Faith

Keys: Ps Alex
Acoustic Guitar: Sherline

Bass: John

Drums: Prem
Trumpet: Camilo


Set List


- Raise a Hallelujah - Idah
- This Is A Move - Ps Alex
- Fill Me Up - Caroline

- Victors Crown - Idah
- My Worship - Maybin

Sunday Morning Service

5th April 2020 - 9am & 11am Service 

Lead: Rhea, Faith - First Fruits
BVS: Tash

Keys: Glen
Acoustic Guitar: TBC

Bass: John

Drums: Tinashe
Elec G: Liseli


Set List


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